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The Safe Zone will surely change the way you live

At this time of alarming crime rate, The Safe Zone is one stop solution to make your societies safer than ever.

The Safe Zone enhances the security with the quick and efficient management of visitors in your society. Moreover, its dynamicity ensures your loved ones are always protected. The Safe Zone increases the time and money efficiency with its array of security-based services.

The Safe Zone is your step to a safer tomorrow.

Need of The Safe Zone?

Visitor Management

The Safe Zone helps in increased surveillance by enabling one to maintain a record of all visitors visiting the society. It also monitors the movement of your Daily Walk-ins, Society Staff, and Vehicles, in and out of the society.


One can always be caught in a situation where one needs to alert its closed ones. The Safe Zone enables you to trigger an alarm to inform all your preferred contacts, in case of emergency.


All individuals associated with The Safe Zone are covered under its insurance plan. An individual can customise the plan according to his/her preference and will receive complete assistance from The Safe Zone's insurance partner.

Simple, Safe and Secure

The Safe Zone is designed in such a way that makes it easy for individuals of all age group to operate. Every feature of The Safe Zone is a step forward to safer and more secure tomorrow.

Cost Effective

The Safe Zone is essential for any individual as it provides complete security to you and your family without worrying about grand expenses.

Eco Friendly

The Safe Zone eliminates the use of paper altogether, right from the use of registers to maintain visitor logs to the use of paper for publishing notices. Let's do our bit to save the environment.


Why The Safe Zone is Good for You?

Let's Compare traditional front desk with The Safe Zone to know why we are better?

Traditional Front Desk

The Safe Zone

  5 Mins

Visitor Check-in at the entrance gate, with the visitor having to write down his/her details.

  45 Seconds

Hassle free entry of visitors, as residents and security staff are directly connected through the application.

  30 mins to 2 hrs

Inviting guests to an event requires rigorous follow-ups and time to update them for any changes.

  90 Seconds

Easy operation by creating an Event on the application and stay connected with the guests at all times.

  15 mins to 1 hrs

Physically maintain a record of attendance of the home workers for their monthly salary.

  0 mins

Biometric device installed at the society gate is connected with the application to maintain daily attendance.

  20 mins

Issue a notice and then put it up on billboards for the residents to see (involves wastage of paper and time).

  90 Seconds

Post all important notices on the application in few clicks to make it reach everyone without fail.

  30 mins

Having to go to the pharmacy to purchase the medicines prescribed by the doctor might not be possible sometimes.

  90 Seconds

Post doctor’s prescription to the list of chemist available on the portal to get same day delivery.

  30 mins

File complaints to the maintenance department for common area problems with no way to track the progress.

  30 Seconds

File a complaint by sending a photograph to the maintenance department and monitor the status of the complaint.

  10 mins to 1 hrs

Keeping files and folders for the record and then having to go through each of them to find a document.

  90 Seconds

You can scan, upload and maintain important documents in the Document Management for quick search.

  6-8 hrs

Generating visitor report for the week by analyzing manual entries.

  0 mins

Quick insight about the security reports for the management.

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